Alipay joins hands with the world’s largest public fund and launches fund advisory services
On April 2, through the form of an online press conference, Ant Financial and Vanguard Group, the world’s largest public fund company, announced that the exclusive fund investment advisory service of the two parties “help you vote” has been launched on Alipay.It is understood that the high-level biology involved in foreign investment advisory services, “help you vote” reduced the investment in biology to 800 yuan.It is reported that the staff of Ant Financial Services introduced that in the past, investors need to choose what to buy and how to match different funds.”Help you vote” will launch the “100” financial service model, that is, 1 minute matching investment advice, almost 0 biological purchases, and investors worry about 0.On, “help you vote”, the system will conduct a risk test for each investor, generate different target rate of return recommendations based on the results, and recommend matching fund combinations.The investor chooses his own approved proposal and converts it into the amount of the proposed investment, and then all investment operations will be completed by the intelligent model and professional team behind the “Help You Invest”.The military, Ant Financial and Vanguard Group established a joint venture company Pioneer Pilot Investment Advisory Company.In December 2019, “Pioneer Pioneer Investment Advisor” obtained the first batch of third-party fund investment advisory pilot qualifications from the China Securities Regulatory Commission.Zhang Yu, CEO of Pioneer Pioneer Investment Co., Ltd. introduced that in addition to combining smart models for timely position adjustments and other operations, “Help You Invest” will continue to provide market information, investor education and other content.In addition, in the risk alert, “help you vote” will not avoid arbitrarily telling the user the profit range from positive to negative, and let the user make their own choice.Sauna, Night Net Editor Chen Peng Li Weijia Proofreading He Yan