Li Zhe missed the first victory of the Tour, all Chinese players in Shanghai Masters were out
The 2019 ATP1000 Shanghai Masters continued its first round of competition today. Li Zhe, who was holding a wild card, lost to the 22nd ranked Puy 1 to 2 and missed the first victory of the tour.At this point, all three Chinese players with wild cards were out.Li Zhe missed the first win of the tour.Figure / 33-year-old Li Zhe, the official master of the Shanghai Masters, is currently ranked 231 in the world. He has performed well in the last two seasons. He also participated in the Australian Open men ‘s singles tournament with a wild card this year.This year’s Chinese season, Li Zhe won the Chengdu Open, China Open and Shanghai Masters Wild Card.In Chengdu and Beijing, Li Zhe won a victory instead.Coming to the higher-level Shanghai Masters, Li Zhe’s opponent in the first round was Puy, the world’s No. 22, which was also the highest ranked player he encountered on the tour.In the first half of the game, Li Zhe was able to hold on to Puy and once achieved a 7-6, 3-0 advantage.However, the experience of the Pui Tour, which has reached the top 4 of the Australian Open, is much better than Li Zhe. After the two sets, the 6-6 4 reversal was completed.Seeing that he was going to be reversed by Puey, Li Zhe took out a small note when he decided to win the game and tried to restore the decline.Since the coach of the ATP game cannot enter the field, players can only solve all problems encountered on the field. The “small note” tactic is a good choice.”My little note says Don’t miss the chance ball, seize the chance of the short ball, and stay decisive.Looking at these little notes, I hope I can continue to stay focused, not to lose focus due to scores and other reasons, and don’t lose this state.”For three consecutive weeks, Li Zhe participated in the ATP250 Chengdu, ATP500 China Open and ATP1000 Masters. Although he failed to win, Li Zhe bluntly learned a lot, seeing the gap and seeing opportunities.At this point, Li Zhe, Zhang Zhizhen, and Zhang Ze, three Chinese players holding wild cards to participate in the Shanghai Masters, noticed a few outs.For the Chinese men’s net, the three-week Chinese season also ended early.In the four-level increasing tournaments of Zhuhai, Chengdu, China Open and Shanghai Masters, Chinese players received 10 single-game wild cards with a total record of 3 wins and 10 losses.Although the Chinese men’s net failed to take away a victory from Shanghai, no matter from the score or the situation on the court, they can trim the efforts and progress of the Chinese men’s net boys.Zhang Zhizhen, who won a back-to-back win in Zhuhai and China Open, came to a new high at 179th.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading He Yan