Kanye West says the Forbes rich list counts itself as low
Sauna Night News has been, Kanye West’s financial situation has been a mystery.But not long ago, Forbes evaluated the rapper ‘s assets, which were about $ 1.3 billion.Most of this comes from Yeezy, its sports shoes in cooperation with Adidas, which has a total of about $ 200 million in other assets, including real estate and music works that it invests.However, shortly after Forbes announced that Kanye West was a billionaire, the rapper responded by writing that his worth is far more than that.Kanye West ‘s personal accountant provided an audit of asset details, proving Kanye West ‘s net worth was 31.500 million US dollars.As early as 2016, Kanye West had disclosed his internal accounting and financial deficiencies, refusing $ 53 million.In addition, Kanye West also told the media that he plans to bring Yeezy’s inspiration into the field of architecture, hotels and urban design in the future.He is currently considering designing a “Yeezy City” in Wyoming.Sauna Night Editor Wu Dongni proofread Zhao Lin