2015FINA women’s water polo team won the fourth Kazan is expected to stunning bloom
4 old and 9 new, the average age is 21 years old, the new team is less than 8 months.On June 14, the 2015 FINA Women’s Water Polo Finals came to an end. The Chinese team lost to the European powerhouse Netherlands 5 to 10 in the competition for the third place, and handed over the fourth transcript of the finals.After the game, Ge Weiqing, the coach of the Chinese women’s water polo team, said in an interview with Tencent Sports that this result was acceptable. The Chinese team of Kazan World Championships had the lowest goal to enter the quarterfinals, and even hit medals.The Chinese women’s water polo team won the fourth place and the Dutch team competed for the third place at the beginning. The young Chinese team learned two lessons from the previous game and strengthened the pressure on the offensive formation.Procrastination.The Chinese team’s decisive shot forced the opponent’s goalkeeper to save again and again, the two sides scored very tightly.Seeing that the opponents can’t be beat for a long time, the experienced Dutch team has also repeatedly called for a pause to temporarily stop the rhythm.With only the last 4 seconds left in the third quarter, the Dutch team really succeeded and expanded the advantage to 7-4.In the fourth quarter, the Netherlands used the goals of No. 4, No. 3 and No. 11 to hit the ternary again. The Chinese team regained a goal with a beautiful attack of Zhao Zihan in both hands, but still defeated 5 to 10 and finally wonWon the fourth in this year’s finals.  After the game, the Chinese team’s foreign teacher, Azevedo from the United States, said that the night’s defeat was because the Chinese girls were really tired.Ge Weiqing, the coach of the Chinese women’s water polo team, said that the fourth place this year is not good compared with last year’s runner-up, but it is acceptable.This year is different from last year. Most of this year’s team are new players.  In the finals, the Chinese team did not start well: the first two games of the group lost to Italy and the United States 6 to 11 and 5 to 11, respectively, but the players were not discouraged, not played one game after anotherEven better, they played 9-7 against Russia in the final round of the group stage. They lost to the world-class powerhouse Australia with a slight disadvantage of 3-5 in the semifinals and stopped in the semifinals.The game against Australia increased their self-confidence.Ge Weiqing said.  On July 24, the 2015 World Championships will kick off in Kazan, Russia.Speaking of the goals of the Chinese team, Ge Weiqing believes that the Chinese team is expected to perform amazingly in the Kazan World Championships.Some people may think that we are better at playing, but in fact our physical fitness and technical tactics rank in the forefront in the world.The minimum goal should be to enter the quarterfinals, and even fight for a medal.(Special correspondent Ying Hongxia)