You Ai Teng and the self-help of film and television companies: adjust the cost of all aspects, and oppose content injection
On May 7th news, Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku three video sites and Noon Sunshine, Huace Film and Television, Nimeng Film, Ciwen Media, Yaoke Media, and Xinli six film and television production companies jointly released “About Development”Participation book of self-rescue action to unite and overcome the difficult industry”.Incomplete statistics show that in the film and television drama industry alone, about 60 script groups have stopped filming, and 100 projects have been delayed. It is expected that this year’s TV drama output will be reduced by 30% compared with 2019, and the average decline in advertising revenue alone will exceed 30%.According to media reports, more than 6,600 film and television cultural institutions have been replaced nationwide in the first quarter alone.As a result, the above three video websites and the six major film and television production companies will dynamically adjust the cost system and price system of each part of the production of film and television dramas and variety shows from now on, and will perform special performances for the remuneration of actors including but not all types of work.The remuneration of staff and flight guests, supplier prices, content purchase prices, etc., implement current market-acceptable price management, form market adjustments, can be up and down, work types are balanced, and the pricing reference principle of mutual consultation and sharing.The budget also mentions that the management of the performance staff’s remuneration, ranking, and expenditure should be strengthened. The performance staff’s remuneration includes all labor services and other expenses as stipulated in the contract. The investor no longer pays any fees for additional requirements.Resolutely resist the wind of comparability, the right of artists to rank, and the decision-making power of cast members should be determined by the investor, the producer according to the law and the contract, no one can make unreasonable requirements, mandatory requirements, interfere with normal creation.The affirmation book also clearly opposed the content of “water injection”, required to standardize the number of episodes, and encouraged high-quality short episodes.The above three video sites and the six major film and television production companies will promote the production of film and television dramas no more than 40 episodes, encourage the creation of short dramas within 30 episodes, and support the production of multiple conscience dramas, word-of-mouth dramas, and boutique dramas.The recognized book also mentions the requirements of the industry in terms of integrity. The three video websites and the six major film and television production companies will cooperate to establish a blacklist mechanism for corruption. Once verified, all cooperation will be stopped, and the relevant institutions and personnel will be held accountable according to law.What constitutes a crime will be transferred to the judicial organ.Sauna, Ye Wang Bai Jinlei editor Li Weijia proofreads Wei Zhuo