“Anjia” Fang Sijin was questioned, Sun Li responded that he now prefers people with shortcomings
Since the opening of the TV series “Anjia”, the ratings have risen all the way, with the average rating of CSM59 City 2 of Oriental TV.355%, ranking first in the national provincial TV at the same time.In an interview with reporters on March 5, Sun Li said that netizens disputed Fang Sijin, quoting to please, and now he prefers people with shortcomings.”Everyone has advantages and disadvantages. The most valuable thing is that you can change it. On Fang Sijin, you can see how cold she is in front of you and how warm she is behind.”Fang Sijin in Anjia was initially controversial.As a real estate agent, she insists on selling the house.She also straightened up her subordinate customers, and she was incapable of her employees; she always had a face on her employees; she didn’t answer the phone and made dozens of different calls.This kind of room seems to make many audiences feel that she is “not too kind” and “unhappy”.When he first read the script, Sun Li also had a question: Why is Fang Sijin so cold?Why is it so impersonal to speak?Seeing the back, she began to distress the room.Especially when she knows that this character has a prototype, “It is impossible for no one to exist. I do not refuse anything and conflicts, nor any character.”So she didn’t want to put the characters on the stage to please,” said Fang Sijin’s routines and fooling. I think she is a kind person, doing everything above her moral bottom line.At first she was a catfish, a wolf-like manager. She came to manage the store to do performance and make more money. Later, she knew that in addition to making money, there are human emotions.I don’t mind that the character has shortcomings, as long as her background is good, I don’t think there is any problem.”Sauna, Ye Wang editor Liu Na proofreading Lijun Li